Rain & Rainbows Veterinary Clinic

Unit 365 500 2nd Ave W
Prince Rupert, BC V8J3T6




Rain & Rainbows Veterinary Clinic Welcomes You!

Welcome to Rain & Rainbows Veterinary Clinic. We are a limited service animal hospital providing spay & neuter and vaccines services to pets in Prince Rupert and the surrounding areas. 

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We are focused primarily on cats and dogs of all breeds. We offer spays, neuters, vaccines, general health exams, scheduled euthanasia, and are offering some prescription foods as well as prescription flea meds and dewormers.

IMPORTANTRain & Rainbows Vet is limited in our available services and WE CAN NOT RESPOND TO EMERGENCIES. If your pet has any emergency or needs a procedure involving x-rays or in-depth diagnostic work such as bloodwork, please contact another veterinary hospital.